Our Services

Lawn Mowing & Yard Work

On a regularly scheduled basis, we tend to your lawn with properly trained personnel using appropriate, well-maintained equipment. 

This service includes weekly lawn mowing and trimming of all lawn care areas, side walks, driveways, and patios.  Of course, we thoroughly clean up the debris.

Let us show you through the work we do and experience the difference in how your lawn looks and feels. 

We take pride in helping to create more enjoyment and beauty of your outdoor living spaces.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Our Spring Clean up removes all the leaves and debris that were left on your lawn from last fall or which have accumulated over the winter. 

Our Fall Clean up removes all the leaves and debris from your lawn that have fallen over the summer.  

Both Seasonal Clean Ups include the blowing out of all debris from landscape beds; removing all sticks or debris; and cleaning up leaves from the lawn. We can dump yard waste curbside for city pickup or we can haul it away for you.

De-thatching & Aerating

Grow a thick, lush, healthier, and greener lawn which is more resistant to disease by using our de-thatching & aerating services. 

Do you have:

+ Bald spots?

+ Heavy lawn traffic areas?

+ Clumped down grass?

+ Compacted dirt?

These are indications that your lawn needs to be de-thatched &/or aerated. We can inspect, diagnose and provide the necessary treatment so your lawn can thrive.  

Slit & Overseeding

One of the best ways to help ensure you have a dense carpet-like lawn is by slit-seeding & or over seeding in the spring.

Trust our lawn care expertise to provide you with professional seeding knowledge regarding which type of grass will flourish in your yard based on your specific soil composition.

Instead of a total sodding overhaul, we have been able to save our clients money  by reviving and transforming their thin, sparse lawn through our slit seeding process.  Call us for an analysis of your lawn care needs.   

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Fertilizing and controlling the spread of weeds are fundamental steps toward realizing a luxuriant landscape.

Feeding your lawn the right diet of nutrients it needs shouldn’t be haphazardly approached with some random bag of fertilizer which may exacerbate your problem.  Rely on our in-depth technical training for proper turf enrichment.       

Our certified professionals use industry best practices to safely apply the necessary treatment to either proactively prevent weed growth or to remedy existing problem situations.  

Crisp Lawn Edging

Are your concrete walkways and driveway edges looking a little shaggy & unkempt? 

We will restore crisp clean line definitions to your grass edges. 

Extra time is normally required as a result of edging not having been done regularly or recently.  This à la carte optional service is available at a nominal additional fee. 

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Soak in the moments of serenity and beauty created from having well manicured and sculpted hedges.  

Our hedge and shrub trimming service is provided either on a “per call” basis or  as an ongoing seasonal service. 

On your preferred schedule, we will trim and reshape your hedges, pick up and leave the clippings at your curb side property for municipal pick up. 


We can create a new look to patios & walkways for the increased enjoyment of your backyard living space. 

Perhaps the addition of pavers, installing a new flower bed for a pop of color and aroma, or enhancing your landscape with different foliage will provide that aesthetic beauty your backyard has been needing. 

Rely on us to get your job done.  



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